Show In A Day 2018 Report

Show In A Day 2018 took place at the Mayflower School on the 10th of March, Scouts and Guides from all over the Billericay, Wickford and Basildon districts came together to sing, dance, act and, for the first time we had a group come along to learn the ropes with the back stage crew, helping with sound, lighting and scenery construction.

The day started with workshops and rehearsals; the cast getting their first look at the script and the crew being shown the technical equipment that we’d be using for the show.

After lunch, with the production team starting to direct the cast for the on-stage movement, the crew got access to the stage for the first time and began rigging for light and sound.

The cast and crew finished the final (and only) run through with 30min to spare before the audience were seated for the performance, which went extremely well for a show with only one full rehearsal and less than a day for the cast to learn their parts. All in all a successful show and a lot of happy faces on both sides of the curtain.

As was mentioned during the speeches, 2019 will see another Show In A Day, rather than a full, week long show (which will return in 2020). We hope to see you all back next year.

This is a time lapse video of the day.

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